Travel Service

Travel Service is currently the largest Czech Republic carrier (with fully privat ownership) with fleet up to 50Aircaft in use (2014)  all B737-800 and A320.

Travel Service operates charter flights, regular flights under the SmartWings brand (since 2004) and private business jet (since 2007). Travel Service planes are flying to more than 300 airports on 4 continents.
It operates both very reliable regular lines as well as long term charter serials on fixed schedule. Both available for cargo transport utilization. Travel Service carries all kind of special shipments and HEA sup to 250kg per piece.

Under the SmartWings brand Travel Service operates regular flights to more then thirty popular destinations and summer resorts in the Mediterranean with departures from Prague, Brno and Ostrava for unmatched prices.

Main hub is in Prague but Travel Service have also alternative hubs in WAW, BUD, BTS, ZRH and CDG from which they operate also direct lines.

The goal of Travel Service is to guarantee you maximum safety and comfort during the flight, to offer high quality services and, simultaneously, a competitive advantage with interesting prices.
General Information:
Prefix: 797
Airline Code: QS
Sales Territory: Netherlands, Czech Republic